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Institutional Intent & Strategy


CIDA city campus offers a bachelor in business administration, a 3 years degree programme which focus on great centres of research, knowledge and innovation. Through our research, teaching and collaborations we provide life changing experiences there by shaping the world. Our pioneering reputation of building renowned business administrators attracts students from around the African continent.
Our teaching and learning experiences in our well-structured diploma programmes help you achieve your ambitions. We are committed to giving you the skills to stand out in today's competitive employment market. With some of the world's best learning and support facilities, you will find CIDA an exceptionally rewarding and exciting place to study.
We offer a wide range of National and Higher Certificate programmes aligned with the SAQA NQF Levels sought by corporates. Browse our pages to find out where you fit in


Whatever your educational or personal background, if you have the talent and potential to succeed, we provide every opportunity to help you study and realise your dreams. Quality education and experiences are the key factors to success. We provide knowledge to build a broader picture of you.


  • IT Security & Auditing
  • This Short Programme is a vendor neutral, mid-level certification that validates the learner’s skills and knowledge in ethical hacking and related technologies. An Ethical Hacker is a professional with competence and intelligence in understanding and recognising how to look for the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in target systems and uses the same knowledge and tools as a malicious hacker. This programme is suitable for security officers, auditors, security professionals, site administrators and anyone who is concerned about the integrity of the network infrastructure.

    Price: R5, 000 Per Learner

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  • Short Programme in ICDL
  • This Short Programme in International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) Core covers key concepts of computing which allows learners to gain essential computer literacy skills in order to work successfully on various computer applications. This programme is recognised internationally and learners must complete the computer based external exams. A CV is not complete without an ICDL!

    Price: R6,000 Per Learner

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  • Short Programme in IT Principles (A+ Preparation)
  • The short programme in IT Principles (A+ preparation) is designed for learners who would like to become involved in the technical side of computers. This programme exposes learners to a practical environment and on successful completion learners will have the opportunity to gain employment as entry-level technicians.

    Price: R5,500 Per Learner

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  • Short Programme in MS Project
  • This programme focuses on teaching learners how to use Microsoft Project. This competence will assist them with project planning and management in a broad variety of contexts. The Short Programme in Microsoft Project is designed for learners who are or who wish to work in a Project Management environment. This programme will be an enhancement to any project management qualification.

    Price: R4,500 Per Learner

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  • Short Programme in Network Principles (N+ preparation)
  • This programme is designed for learners who would enjoy the networking environment. It will also expose learners to networking troubleshooting and implementation of networks.

    Price: R5,000 Per Learner

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  • Skills Programme in Internet and Web Design
  • This programme focuses on important client-side and some server-side interaction aspects of the Internet. The aim is to empower the user to interact with the Internet in an effective and efficient manner, and to provide practical training in the design and creation of usable Web pages. At the end of this course, users will understand and be able to explain common terminology associated with the Internet. They will be able to use a variety of tools to help them design and publish Web pages that are both engaging and usable.

    5 Days Course (Price: R6000 per Learner)

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CIDA Corporate courses are geared to provide you with the business knowledge and skills you need to feel confident within a specific field such as bookkeeping, cost accounting, payroll, financial management or business communication. These Corporate courses are completed over Five (5) days and are suitable for anyone in the corporate world, from those who want to advance their skills in their current career, to those that have yet to start a career.


  • Application for admission for the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree for the 2015 is now open.

  • Closing date for receiving application is 5th December 2014


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